General questions
AgentZero removes the middleman from the home buying process by allowing you, the home buyer, to directly negotiate the purchase of your home. We will provide you with all the relative tools, information, and guidance to be confident throughout the process and we eliminate any anxiety that you may otherwise have with an “incentivised” salesperson.
A seller typically pays the buyer’s agent a 2.8% commission upon selling their home. The seller pays AgentZero a small “success fee” significantly less than the traditional offer. This may improve the chances of having your offer accepted.
Our legal experts and licensed real estate professionals complete and review every contract that is submitted through AgentZero. We monitor the process and give you guidance throughout every transaction, giving you peace of mind.
Email our support staff with any questions at, and one of our real estate experts will contact you.
You can browse the market, do market research, and have the use of all our tools, for free, so that you will feel assured you’ll be a savvy home buyer when the time is ready.
We ask for multiple times that you are available to see a home just in case the seller doesn’t approve your preferred showing time. Oftentimes, the home you are wanting to see may still have tenants, and this ensures that they have time to vacate the home in order for you to have an optimum showing experience.
Getting an approval usually takes only 5-10 minutes.
We’ll send you an email to notify you and let you know the first available time (in the event that all of your preferred times are unavailable).
One of our showing assistants will meet you to grant you access to the property.
Use the quick search bar on the homepage to look for a specific property or location. Go to the “search“ tab or select “Advanced Search” to browse for listings that meet a specific criteria.
Our real estate experts will complete your contract and then contact you to review your offer. At that point, the only thing left for you to do is sign the offer before it’s presented to the seller.
Yes, you can submit as many offers as you want until you get one accepted.
We will send you a notification once your offer is submitted to the seller and will notify you of any correspondence that takes place after that.
Crack open that bottle of champagne! We will continue to give you guidance on negotiations, home inspections, and more once you are under contract. AgentZero will monitor the transaction until you close on the home of your dreams.
It’s important that we have your lender’s information to verify that you’re pre-approved to submit an offer. Every offer must be submitted with a letter from your lender in order for the seller to accept, just like any traditional real estate transaction.
Your financial information is confidential between you and your lender; AgentZero will never have access to your confidential information.
We encourage you to compare rates between multiple lenders to make sure you are getting the best rate possible. You can compare rates from our preferred lenders or any lender of your choosing.
One of our preferred lenders can offer advice and tips on how to improve your situation and make your financial goals a reality.

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